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candles with the words, 8 great resources for christmas and new year's eve
Top 8 Advent Apps for Christmas 2020 -
These are 8 great Catholic Apps and digital resources for Catholics during Advent. Make this a great advent.
a man with a crown on his head
What Is a Man? What Is a Good Man? What Is a Hero?
a man wearing headphones and looking at his phone
Inspire your Faith with this SOLID Catholic Podcast
Fr. Mike Schmitz Podcast - Reviewed by A great podcast from every Catholic; from baptism to death, and the afterlife Fr. Mike isn't afraid to talk about anything.
an old man is walking down the sidewalk
A 100 Year Walk with Christ - Catholic News & Inspiration
an old photo of a woman wearing a nun outfit
St. Faustina’s Prayer to Take Away Worries About the Past and Future
a purple background with the words best lentapps and more in front of it
Lent 2021 Device Prep: 6 Options + more
40 days before Easter to Catholics and Christians is known as Lent, a time of sacrifice and preparation. We've got app 6 options for 2021 to make it better!
Wish You Well, Divine Mercy, The Ouija, Spiritual Wisdom, Spiritual Warfare, The Exorcist
Exorcists Correct 4 Errors About Ouija Boards, Tell You How to Protect Yourself on Halloween
the book cover for 30 days to your new life
30 Days to Your New Life
the movie review for full - grace with an image of a woman in black robes
Full of Grace Movie Review (Netflix) -
A beautiful movie based on the life of Mary after Jesus rises, and the struggles of the Church. Reviews it.
Youtube, Personas, Tips, Shortness Of Breath, Mental Strength, Disorders, Vida, Panic Disorder
Overwhelmed by the Times? Advice for Thriving, Not Just Surviving
the inside of a building with many different types of decorations on it's ceiling
Sagrada Família (Holy Family) Basilica in Barcelona Is a Place of Awe and Conversion
an older woman hugging her younger lady in front of the camera with other people behind her
Meet Betty Baker of Kentucky, Who Just Became Catholic at Age 87
an old building with two towers and trees
Why the American Revolution Left a Magnificent Cathedral in Spain Unfinished
many candles are lit in front of a cross on a table with gold cloths
Battling the Devil: The Role of Laity in Exorcisms
an old black and white photo of a man holding a cross in front of other people
St. Patrick Was Beloved by Many — But Not by His Bishops