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a bowl filled with green vegetables covered in sauce and chopsticks on top of it
broccoli and other food on a table with a green sauce in the middle
a black background with a white triangle in the center
TikTok · Güllünün mətbəxi
TikTok · Güllünün mətbəxi
a white plate filled with yellow apples on top of a table
two black gloves on top of each other in front of a screen with the caption
TikTok · Почему так Вкусно?
the recipe is in russian and english
a plate with some food on it and the words in russian above it are white flowers
TikTok · Готовим вкусно дома
an egg is in a glass bowl with dill and mayonnaise
Что ещё может быть вкуснее и проще! #рецепт #рецепты #shorts
an image of jars with food in them
TikTok · Şeki mehsullari
TikTok · Şeki mehsullari
TikTok · gnl_blog
TikTok · gnl_blog
a hand holding a glass jar filled with red liquid and the words youtube on it
TikTok · Мария Кондря @marrie.ko