Slow Stitch Sophie embroidery

Slow Stitch Sophie's Embroideries Resembling Landscapes of Wildflowers

Incredible embroidery by Emillie Ferris

hardcorestitchcorps: wildsweetling: I am so excited to have finished this :) I’ve been working on this for 4 weeks and I’m super chuffed with the outcome! :) I can’t wait to start the next one! :) It’s absolutely gorgeous!

I love cross stitch and embroidery. I am thrilled clever crafters are coming up with new and unique surfaces to stitch on like this awesome idea to embroider on a strainer. Pop on over to Jans Schw…

Recycled strainer makes a great embroidery surface

Cross stitch a seive for unique kitchen decor :: crochet sur passoire - jans schwester: Besticktes Sieb und Wandteller

Izziyana Suhaimi

Mejores proyectos de bordado del 2013 – Nominados

Moss embroidery by Emma Mattson

Emma Mattson's Embroideries Pay Homage to Moss

Emma Mattson pays homage to moss with a collection of intricate embroideries. Using a variety of textures, she creates sculptural hoop art.

Nava Lubelski, "Sweet Chewy". Thread on stained canvas, 2009.

come riciclare un buco -- Nava Lubelski, "Sweet Chewy". Thread on stained canvas,

Casalguidi Stitch in Hand Embroidery

Stitch Play: Casalguidi Stitch – or Really Raised Stem Stitch!

embroidery on canvas; make a design with rope and cover with embroidery thread–could do to make letters or a monogram embroidery on canvas; make a design with rope…