Rounded Moute 1. Ceramic sculpture by Coco & Pompon.

Rounded Moute Ceramic sculpture by Coco & Pompon. Not specifically described as an "art toy" - but you see the potential!

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Art toys - the yellow one wit the panda in the belly

Kirk Fawcett-36

You know this is physically impossible, don't you? Her body is too frail to lift half her weight. Unless her whole body is cyborg (neck down?

25 Incredible 3D Monsters and Evil Themed Character Designs by Laurent Pierlot. Follow us

30 Incredible Monsters and Evil themed 3D Model Designs by Laurent Pierlot

Thibaut Bachelier: Ashley Wood

Photos of the NOM Commander Thrice Naut toy from the World War Robot Collection by ThreeA based on designs from Ashley Wood.

Elena Odriozola

Minimita by Elena Odriozola.cute whimsical simple design girl,doll figure of ceramics pretty and cute

Salao Coboi - not sure if this is art or hilarity! Love it either way and would proudly display it!

Salão Coboi - FUN Limited edition of 5 Resin Sculptures, each one with different paint work.

scrapped gravedigger Heavy bramble by ~rupertvalero on deviantART

Post Apocalytic Robot, look at this guy, it´s marvelous!

cacooca - 7.5" Panda Classic – Collect and Display

Cacooca - 7.5" Panda Classic

Kidrobot "Les Viandardes" Designer Art Toy Vinyl Figure by McBess

Kidrobot "Les Viandardes" Designer Art Toy Vinyl Figure by McBess