I think someone went in and added colors to the different leaves and made it these dark cool colors that make it even more tropical looking.

осень, красота, лес, хипстер, горы, деревья

Although I want to step away from green tones, the layers effect of the pine tress and the fog has an unsettling effect that compliments the thriller genre.

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Funny pictures about Red forest. Oh, and cool pics about Red forest. Also, Red forest.


Broad Street looking north to the intersection with Wall Street New York City. At mid-distant left is the classical fa ade of the New York Stock Exchange and further north is the new skyscraper and Federal Hall is in center right. The curb market trader

Картинки по запросу текстура металл

I associated silver with any type of metal. I then associated silver with something that tough and unbreakable such as steel.