The variety of shapes and the color creates a rhthym. by BunnyBeer

натюрморты художника Дмитрия Власова -09

картины художника ~ Shellfish Mixed With Peaches And Pomegranates Seem Wrong. It Must Have Sat There Among The Grapes For So Long, That Even The Melon Must Pong!c~ Дмитрий

Художник Вьюгова Римма

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Buiko Oleg.

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Resultado de imagen para Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os (The Hague Paris)


JAN FRANS VAN DAEL, Antwerp 1764 – 1840 Paris Still life with grapes and peaches in a basket. Usually I do not like still lifes, but I love the colorplay between the grapes and peaches.

Натюрморты с фруктами художника  Elia Jozsa

Натюрморты с фруктами художника Elia Jozsa

Раймонд Кэмпбелл ( Raymond Campbell ) (68 работ)

Раймонд Кэмпбелл ( Raymond Campbell ) (68 работ)

Натюрморт с виноградом Арт. М-129: 13 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

"Still Life with Grapes" - Joseph Nigg was an Austrian painter, with a specialty of painting on porcelain.