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Hosta Winter Lightning
Christmas Tree hosta (I want this one)
Firn Line
Queen Annie Lemay (Nash NR)  Photo by Bill Nash
Filagree (Reath NR)
Hosta ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’
Hosta 'Nougat' - Mini - Height 6", Spread 18" Part-Full shade. Slow grower. Rare variety. Hard to find. No 2 leaves are alike. Plants have random splashes, streaks & dots of green. Some leaves will be more green than others. Nougat doesn't do well in the ground so recommend only growing in pots. It is not an easy variety to grow but most experienced gardeners can have success with it. Plants need exposure to light so don’t over shade them - placing them can be tricky thehostafarm.com
'Captain's Adventure' Medium-size hosta. Multiple shades of green to greenish yellow leaves with creamy white margins. Streak between the margin and leaf center looks as if it's painted on. Lavender flowers.