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Qwearly Dashing Week 3: Clean & Casual

cut two panels, front and back, long rectangles.add sides, triangle shape with poin cu straigh off attache to front and back panels

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Move the placement of the inset pockets and that seam out toward the hips more. Make as sweatpants.

In simple white.

Chloé Oversized Winter Coat - I used to be a firm believer that too oversized was too dramatic. This coat has changed my opinion! All I can say now is "I want that in my closet!

Большой свитер, слои. Layers. Parisian chic

Парижский базовый гардероб: вещи

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Lovely Linen Blouse - This is the kind of thing I wish I could pull of but can't. It is both soft and structured and does not work on me :(

Модные тренды 2016: Плиссе

Love this white button down! Polishes the look without taking away from this amazing skirt!