[A walk into the silence of a sweet white storm]  #littlecoffeestories  Happy Sunday everyone! I'll be back soon in the meantime thank you so much for your words! by cuordicarciofo

[A walk into the silence of a sweet white storm] Happy Sunday everyone! by cuordicarciofo


Cinzia Bolognesi: [The coffee ritual II] * * I think Coffee is a sort of medium allowing us to separate for a moment .

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Cinzia Bolognesi

Cinzia Bolognesi is an Italian artist who combines cutout illustrations with real objects especially flowers and adds an impressive message or description.

A decadent winter mug

Hot chocolate with cinnamon & orange liqueur in Hot Christmas Alcoholic Drinks on HOUSE, Food. These hot Christmas drinks will warm you up over the festive season


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Cinzia Bolognesi: ‘Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning’ Have a great day friends!




Cinzia Bolognesi: Make a wish. If nothing happens, well, at least we had coffee 😋 Happy Friday .