Tatiana Nekrasova

Tatiana Nekrasova

Tatiana Nekrasova
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Princess Olga Repnin (in marriage. Leuchtenberg) in ceremonial dress maid of honor [Imperial] court

Her Imperial Highness Duchess Georges of Leuchtenberg, Princess Romanovskaya née Princess Olga Nikolaievna Repnina

Pluviophile   vintage blog♡

Until September I didn't like rain. Then, we started getting wildfires. Adding to that, I lost a good friendship. Now I embrace the rain. 22 Things Anyone Who Loves The Rain Understands: I learned a new word today! I am a pluviophile.


Just hold me until our clock runs out. Trace your memory in my flesh and let me burn each moment into my mind. My soul cries out for you. Give me something to keep so I can calm it when the screaming gets too loud.