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a drawing of a cat with stars around it
a mcdonald's sign with the words in russian and english, on a green background
Не пожалуйста биг мак, два чизбургера, картофель фри, зеленый липтон, ой нет...можно мне просто тебя - АйДаПрикол
a white cat with black eyes and pink hearts around it's neck sitting on top of a table
Пикчи для второй половинки
a white stuffed animal with pink hearts on it's chest and the caption you won my heart
Пикчи для влюбленных
a white cat with two thumbs up in front of it's face and eyes
Tweet / Twitter
a close up of a cat with hearts in the background
я тебя люблю!!
a cartoon character holding a sign that says you're the most amazing person and i love you so much, keep doing you boo
Подпишись на мой телеграмм с пикчами 💖
two cartoon characters are talking to each other in front of a thought bubble that says you + me = awesome = love
Алисочка ❤️‍🔥
an image of the zodiac sign for cats and dogs on a chain with hearts in the background
Пришло время сказать, что ты мой хром, уран, сера и к водород everywhere... 57 Я - АйДаПрикол