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Cosmos | Perseus, Claire Hummel on ArtStation at

"Perseus - The Gorgon: Flaunting Prowess - Gain by Unsavory Means" by Claire Hummel — Light Grey Art Lab Shop

Haunted Hilltop, Kevin Keele on ArtStation at

Haunted Hilltop, Kevin Keele on ArtStation at

Location design Old Man's Journey, Lip Comarella on ArtStation at

Design for the old man& s house at the ocean. Concept for the actual ingame asset and used for the story scene at the end. animation and camera projection: Salon Alpin& Simon Griesser

Robot Slayer (free tutorial), Artur Sadlos on ArtStation at

Meanwhile Robot Slayer in (almost) full glory. Ill post some steps and excerpts from tutorial soon. And as always Id be grateful for sharing my works and spreading the word. This will jelp me to publish a Mooeti artbook in the future. Thanks!

Frank Stockton is an illustrator living and working in Brooklyn, New York.  "My work evolved very quickly both during school and after I graduated. All of my student assignments had been paintings, but I knew that I didn’t want to paint for potential job assignments. Since the unifying element in all of my work has been my drawing, it was only a matter of time until I found a way to add color that was exciting to me. After lots of experimentation, I decided that I wanted to make illustra...

Hunger Games Fan Art / Katniss / whoa, I love how this certain Art picture really stresses the fact that KATNISS DID STARVE and she had the body to proof it

OBSCURE COUNTRY, N Kayurova on ArtStation at

Inspired by dark country music. The characters personify the world of the west