Ирина Савелюшкина

Ирина Савелюшкина

Ирина Савелюшкина
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Rosa Alba

1927 Gabrielle Chanel ensemble of tweed coat and floral-lace dress. Detail of applied floral trim from dress fabric on cuffs. Image 3 of The Met.

Kitten Embroidered Pocket Shirt - Cat Shirt #pixiemarket #fashion #womenclothing @pixiemarket

White button down shirt with Kitten embroidered pocket. length *Model is wearing a size small and model's height is

Cocoladas: On White Shirts & Wild Flowers for T Magazine,The New York Times Style Magazine

out now in T Magazine Women& Issue. Styled by Malina Joseph Gilchrist, hair styled by Pierpaolo Lai, beauty styled by Lucy Bu.

Visions of the Future: Asymmetrical jacket, chic tailored fashion details // Dion Lee Spring 2016

Balance- Asymmetrical off-balance is shown in this piece by the blazer. The blazer is cropped on one half and slanted down to the other half. This is an example of asymmetrical balance.

Khaki Ashish sleeping bag puffer coat

River Island sleeping bag coat so you can basically stay in bed all day