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Tanya Golovanova

Tanya Golovanova
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Bridegrooms in gay wedding holding hands

'Jacob had been dead for centuries, yet to Jason, he would always be there's


Medoflowers -- Aqua or water is used as an essential base to most cosmetics. Water is hydrating and an essential to skin health. Our water is UV sterilized to ensure it is in pristine condition for our formulations. <--- Thank you Captain Encyclopedia.

Yer a wizard, Sneakers! #HarryPotterForever... - Sneakers the Corgi

The dog will be calm in regards to the home, normally, for as long as they've been exercised. This may be confusing initially, but when the dog barks, quickly reward them with the treat

△ Gravity Falls- Mabel and Bill Cipher △

bill is a demon that terrorized little kids and attempted to murder them. but here we see a cutie pa tootie doing another cutie pa tootie's hair and i am not upset