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Tatiana Lukianova

Tatiana Lukianova
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Shawl with Boteh Motif Date: early 19th century (made) Place: Kashmir Artist/maker: Unknown

Shawl Place of origin: Kashmir, India Date: early century Materials and Techniques: Woven cashmere Museum number:

Shawl; 19th century; The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the mid-late 19th century, when machine woven European copies of imported Kashmir shawls dominated the fashion scene, costly handmade originals were still imported for wealthy customers. When styles changed from the wide hoop skirts and voluminous shawls of the 1860s to the bustle dress and shaped mantle of the 1870s, these beloved shawls were incorporated into the new fashion. https://www.vintagetextile.com/new_page_325.htm

Shawl, third quarter of the century. Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In the 1970s a new “mood” was announced through the delicate pages of Vogue Australia.

Gypsy look Vogue Australia June - July 1970 Model wears a black jersey top and patterned cotton skirt by Norma Tullo, photo by David Hewison.