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the interior of a cathedral with high vaulted ceilings
Catedral de Segovia / Segovia's Cathedral
Catedral de Segovia, Spain. Been here. So breathtaking.
the inside of an old building with stone arches
Cloister, Leon, Spain
the inside of a building with many arches
Amazing Ceiling Deatail, Glouchester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral, England - they made some of the first Harry Potter here - I loved it when I visited 2002-2003
two small white figurines sitting on top of a stone slab next to each other
engel - Google-Suche
an angel statue sitting on top of a rock next to some plants and rocks in front of a chain link fence
Sweet Little Angel with her rabbit
a newborn baby is curled up in a basket
Sleeping Baby in Angel Wings Nursery Memorial Figurine
Cake topper I have for Maddie's Baptism (http://www.ajaysemporium.com/sleeping-baby-in-angel-wings-nursery-memorial-figurine/)
an angel statue with wings holding a baby in it's lap and looking at the camera
Too Beautiful for Earth: Heaven's Newest Angel Baby
An angelic infant snuggles beneath the shelter of his furled feathered wings, dreaming sweet and loving dreams.
a statue of a baby sleeping on a pillow in the grass with flowers behind it
Angel / Fairy / Pixie
Angel Cherub Baby Asleep On Pillow Ornament - Garden Cherubs
a baby doll is laying in a basket on the grass
I never got to hold you, nor see your beautiful little eyes open, but I loved you all the same. You'll be well looked after above. <3
an angel statue hanging on the wall next to a window
So lovely! An Angel resting at the Arch of your door
an angel figurine sitting on top of a vase filled with flowers and pearls