still life Art painting still life flowers wonderful style by Helen Bazanova Serafimovna Bouquet of strawberry….

Красота.... Все живое и настоящее

In this articles we will present you the best urban watercolor paintings from some very talented artists. We can use watercolors as a sketch medium or to create an epic watercolor painting, also we can choose between painting technique and drawing t.

Загадочная прозрачная картинка

Watercolor is surely one great illustration technique, and we've seen some great pieces from artists such as Mathiole and Lora. Today, we introduce you another great artist: Grzegorz Wróbel.

Легко, волшебно, очень тонко и цвета завораживают

Watercolor Landscape Paintings: ZL Feng from Shanghai is brilliant with his watercolour landscape paintings and has won several international awards for his gr