ekodom from containers

Exterior : Gallery Crossbox, A Cantilevered Modular House CG Architectes Modular House Modular Homes Alberta. Modular Home Builders.

glass bottles in the country

32 most creative and unique planter tutorials! How to make your own planting containers from surprising, up-cycled and re-purposed objects and materials!

замаскированный дом в Бразилии

Grid House, Casa Grelha, Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil - design by FGMF Arquitetos - Grid House Brazil is located in an area of hectares, only square meters are not covered by the lush native intact forest that is permanently protected: Casa Grelha Brasil

the house of mirrors photo

reform architekt marcin tomaszewski reflective mirror izabelin house 2 - the home’s lower level is clad with reflective paneling.

floating complex in the Netherlands

Eco Factor: Energy-efficient housing complex designed for Europe. Dutch architect Koen Olthius, of Waterstudio, has envisioned a modern prefabricated housing complex to solve the problem of rising and falling tides, which the Dutch have been.