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saving this for vbs."Jesus Calms the Storm" bottled ocean. My daughter was heartbroken when her's sprung a leak. I need to make 3 more. She even slept with her bottle! "I need to snuggle my Jesus Calms the Storm!" me too kid.

Bible Class Creations: Manna and Quail

snack for manna and quail. I can picture these as toppers sitting on top of a pile of "manna" (crackers, vanilla wafers, or the like)

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We love stories! This one features the well-known Bible story of 'The Good Samaritan'. Each slide features a different beautifully illustrated scene from the story with text so you can read and learn together. Use it to start discussions about why it

The Good Samaritan Helping Hands craft (Trace hands, decorate with chores kids can help with, hole-punch and connect with yarn!) FOR US - take hand-book idea, and have kiddos brainstorm their gifts - how they can each use their own HANDS in service.