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little mermaid

DISNEY PRINCESS CHALLENGE Favorite Song (Instrumental) - Fireworks/Jig (from the Little Mermaid) (Tied) The part where she sees the ship and fireworks, and she watches Eric in the ship.

Fae, She is a tad shy and has a hard time expressing herself. Despite her shyness she is an amazing actress and has done many plays.

Who knew the scruffy Captain Hook could look so seductive? Or Frozen’s Queen Elsa to be such a debonair gentleman? Italian artist and DevianrArt user, ‘Maby-chan’, illustrated our favourite Disney and Dreamworks characters, but with a genderswapped twist. Disney princesses like Rapunzel and Merida became dashing princes, while leading men like Captain Jack Sparrow became […]

My art peter pan jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean genderbend jim hawkins treasure planet captain hook jim Sinbad gender bender gender bent maby-chan mabychan

a Single Drop of Sunlight-Tangled I love tangled and rascals definitely my favorite!

a Single Drop of Sunlight-Tangled.I love tangled and pascal's definitely my favorite!< this is one of the most beautiful tangled drawings I've ever seen.