angel Hierarchy of Angels: The Nine Choirs of Heaven - failmacaw. The tiered heavens that we do not know about, as there is no such thing as angels. Welcome to night Vale.

Binary Code (computer) I know how to read binary numerically, but this really helps. I was wondering how the numbers translated into…

Can't Rip Out Your Kitchen's Furr Downs? Do This:

A great solution for ugly soffits you can't take down.add bead board and moulding and paint the same color as the cabinets! Looks like a million bucks!

Vegan Mongolian noodles and veggies stir fry in spicy soy ginger sauce makes a quick weeknight dinner . Ready under 15 minutes .No onion no garlic version.

Fairytale Inspired Engagement Photos

Love the red cape and the shots with it flowing in the air. No picnic basket, wolf or guy:) Little Red Riding Hood fairytale engagement photo

It is I, Varden, the Last of his Blood

It is I, Thrawyn Dragonborn.<No, it is I, Werdor the Reviled Knight. No, it is I: Theowyn Silverhand!--'Tis I! Wervel the Dragonborn!

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Spicy Texas Barbecue Sauce

Spicy Texas Barbecue Sauce _ is sweet and spicy. Perfect on a burger but would also make a GREAT sauce for appetizer meatballs. My NEW go to sauce! Add all the ingredients into a saucepan & simmer! Perfect for a barbecue!

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

There are 50 icons in the set and they all come in both PNG & SVG formats and includes icons for planets, stars, spaceships, and much more.

nice pose for couples / engagement photography Anna Jagodzinska, Meet The Boyfriends, American Vogue, May by Patrick Demarchelier

Architecture student Hank Butitta converted old school bus into a 225 square foot mobile home with small kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Maybe not a "home" but camper and/or party bus.

Life Size Human Skull w/ Spine LED Lamp Halloween Prop

Life Size Human Skull w/ Spine LED Lamp Halloween Prop in Collectibles, Holiday & Seasonal, Halloween, Current Decorations, Skeletons & Skulls