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DIY Drinking Straw Basket Organizer Tutorial: Using Drinking Straw to Weave a Basket or Organizer for Home Storage and Decoration. Fun Crafts for Kids, too.

Mason Jar Crafts: Fishnet Wrapped Mason Blue Mason Jar

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

Mason Jar Crafts: Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Craft - Macrame Mason Jar Craft - Beach Decor Ideas with Mason Jars and Fishnets

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Плетение из газет

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Плетение из газет


Iquitos Flat i-Cord Scarf pattern by Laura Cunitz

We could each make an i-cord for each "knitting girl" and then weave them like this to make a special scarf for each of use! Ravelry: Iquitos Flat i-Cord sjaal patroon van Laura Cunitz

Como hacer Yubinukis Dedales Japoneses <sub>Tambien Anillos o Pulseras </sub> - enrHedando

Japanese thimble,,, material and tutorial is here/// felt or fabric on the plastic cap etc.