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1930's home...first time home buyer :)
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a shelf with vases and other items on it
the shelves are filled with vases, books and other decorative items in baskets on them
a white vase with a plant in it next to pictures on the wall and a mirror
Large Terracotta Percival Textured … curated on LTK
some shelves with plants and pictures on them
the shelves are filled with plants, candles and other things to display on it's sides
Shelf styling
a white book shelf filled with books and vases
Shelf Styling 101
Shelf Styling 101 - Love Grows Wild
a white book shelf filled with different types of items and text describing how to decorate shelvings
Decorating shelves
three shelves with books and vases on them, labeled how to shelf styling for the home
How To | Shelf Styling | AJHome&Co