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Easy Blended Banana Latte Recipe!
This banana coffee latte is so creamy, sweet, and perfect for summer! 🍌 All you need is your milk of choice, a ripe banana, a date, espresso, and some ice. Blend it all together and you're left with this creamy summer drink ✨
an image of a pink and white background that looks like something out of the sky
pink gradient -♡︎´
some pink roses are laying on the beach
the words are written in blue ink on a pink background
rows of white tulips in a field at sunset
Tulipas 💐
red tulips with green leaves on a white cloth covered tablecloth are ready to be picked up
a bouquet of pink tulips on a white background
a vase filled with pink flowers on top of a table
butttt how are you so perfect 🥹🪷
the white flowers are blooming in the vase on the table top, and it is hard to tell what color they are