Portrait of Katia, Alexei Jawlensky c. 1912

Portrait of a Woman, Katia, Oil On Panel by Alexej Georgewitsch Von Jawlensky (Fine Art Art reproduction Alexej Georgewitsch Von Jawlensky)

jawlensky the violet turban 1911. Алексей фон Явленский

Alexei von Jawlensky - Violet Turban, Alexej von Jawlensky Russian/active in Germany - Expressionist painter using rich colors and evntually a simplified style (wikipedia).

Portrait of a Woman - Alexej von Jawlensky

Fauvist colors + Expressionist brushstrokes = “Portrait of a Woman” by Alexei von born in

Alexej von Jawlensky,  "Girl with Downcast Eyes".

Alexej von Jawlensky, "Girl with Downcast Eyes".

Алексей фон Явленский «Бледная женщина с рыжими волосами»

Pale Woman with Red Hair, 1912 - Alexej von Jawlensky