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Just because you’re shooting at the beach doesn’t signify that you’re only restricted to the beach! Typically, you’re not likely to be the only one on the beach whenever you’re shooting. You’re likely to the beach.

I love the rain but it really needs to stop here...flooding everywhere..we cant use any water cuz the treatment plant is down..we have to go to the park across the street to use the portapottys,this shit really sucks.....just sayin

I hate the rain. Especially when my umbrella stands no chance against the winds accompanying the rain. I wish I could find more happiness in rain. Until then, I'll enjoy it vicariously through these photos.


Yoga Body - The Conspiracy: ".the yoga body is not a healthy ideal. It is a body overworked and underfed. It is not the result of regular yoga classes but the result of a narcissistic obsession with working out.

"We went around without looking for each other, but knowing we went around to find each other."

"But we can’t live in the light all of the time… You have to take whatever light you can hold into the dark with you." - A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray Photo by Nico Nordström. <-- This is beautiful, and so true.


You’re Beautiful by Gali-miau we only have one body love the one you're in! // Look at those utterly happy and satisfied expressions!

What she said!!!! Yum-m-m-meeeeeee. prettypeachpeonies: Backs are by far my favorite part of a guy’s body. Why do you think I enjoy watching men’s swimming so much…?

Portrait- Male Boudoir - Black and White - Photography - Pose Idea / Inspiration

Play and dance in the rain with me. Let's be children again, let our eyes be bright. Let us be completely in love.

Dance in the rain. Any rainy day just dance through it it will pass. Like a cloud full of rain. U'll look behind and its over but your rhythm is always there. Keep dancing

Man | black | white

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