Uma imagem aerea mostrando em 3D um eixo. Pode ser a manoel elias ou a boulevard que desce

DS18_2014/15: Architecture, Energy, Matter 2, Semester 2 – Designing with Energy

Samples of student work: Jared Baron: Cultivated Wastelands Co-operative Natural fertiliser produced from the breakdown of organic waste holds huge potential for Graaff Reinet and its surrounding area.

Boot Camp (for Chosen Ones) plan : A and I - Gatehouses B, C, D - Living spaces E, F - Gyms G, H - hospitals 2 - for girls and boys Chosen 4 - for women and men Watchers

Победители конкурса общественного центра Себада

A great design can be mediocre if it is not presented well. Here are some tips for a great architecture presentation board

Генеральный план ландшафтного дизайна. Концепция многофункционального жилого комплекса с объектами социальной инфраструктуры © АБ «Остоженка» (благоустройство Gillespies по концепции АБ «Остоженка»)

Master plan of the landscape design. Concept of a multifunctional residential complex with objects of social infrastructure © Ostozhenka

نمونه شیت بندی معماری با فتوشاپ

An Architectural Presentation board becomes a reflection of every architect or architecture student. Please do consider creating a great Architectural

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Поселок на 2000 жителей

Поселок на 2000 жителей

Поселок на 2000 жителей