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Svetlana Vasilyeva

Svetlana Vasilyeva
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Пустомелия 486 Запрещённая

obi-wan scribbles and a tribute to the latest chapter of wicked thing by who we all should give some love to as well as blame her for this hell (click the image for full view.

Loki - The Neglected Garden by TashinaJacob

So many years have passed The dew is still on the roses I left my childhood In a garden green. The Neglected Garden, Cécile Corbel Somehow this song mad. Loki - The Neglected Garden

~ where is he ~ by on @DeviantArt

~ where is he ~ by shoriori on DeviantArt

Doh my gosh.<---You misspelled oh,but I understand why!ERMYGERD!Amazing fanart of Loki!

Doh my gosh.<---You misspelled oh,but I understand why!Amazing fanart of Loki! Like this is how I imagine Loki if he didn't look like Tom. That smile/face/smirk/whatever is spot on. I think it's his eyebrows.