Светлана Перегняк

Светлана Перегняк

Светлана Перегняк
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I fell in love with Torino on a morning like this. Sunrise and no one out yet, the fog just lifted and I had a clear view of the alps turning purple and pink from the sunrise. Such a gorgeous city

Inside the palazzo The stairs. This has nothing to do with the palazzo, just like to see it here.

Szechenyi thermal bath, Budapest, Hungary

baths Széchenyi'ego - the largest complex of thermal baths and swimming pools in Europe, located in the park Városliget (Pest).


Aussie Kangaroo with Joey in her pouch. Featured in several of my Children's books, and the main characters in two of them--"Kangaroo Clues" + "Kobi Borrows a Pouch"