Модная одежда и дизайн интерьера своими руками

This style would look awful on my body type, but I like the aesthetic of flowy and soft with the clean look of jeans and booties.

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I love the colors and textures in this. The soft, hunter green sweater. The weaved chair. And the wonderful bug pins, they just add something special to it. ///// Apiary Supplies - Beekeeping Supplies - Honey Supplies found at Apiary Supply


Combining various shades of grey is always a good idea. Figtny wears a slitted grey midi skirt with a cute grey knitted sweater and a matching scarf. Both ideal for the winter cold and effortlessly stylish, this look is a winner!

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Grey Faux Tulle Skirt , Off shoulder Cute Sweater and High Heel Booties Street Style