apron for a little girl

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How GREAT would it be to make an adorable apron to go with a little girls new play kitchen!

Вдавить кассеты с проделанными отверстиями в почву, заложить семена, присыпать, полить. Далее только полив, без прополки и мульчирования


What a great idea - i get these egg trays all the time, now i can use them to plant radishes, carrots or lettuce!


Cool aprons worn by our Mothers and Grandmothers - love them myself today

Vintage Apron

Hollowell - you need a "misc Roosters" board! embroidered roosters Vintage Apron ~ Barcelos Rooster from Portugal


Schürzen Kit Avental Infantil Menina Cupcake com Chapéu de Cozinheiro - Casa com Grife

Фартуки из старых джинсов / Рукоделие

Recycled Denim Apron - several different recycled denim projects here, but I especially LOVE the one pictured here! Haan Lohmeyer Haan Lohmeyer Z Lowe