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What Resentment In Relationships Really Looks Like
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a tweet from melanie thalan lau on the topic of women's culture
the text on this tweet reads, your supreme, difranza and my partner teaching me to stop reading people's subject and to operate like there is no problem unless
I wish more people would do this.
I wish more people would do this. YOU can't guess everyone's motives for anything they say without being privy to their internal monologue. Saying you can is lit just projecting ur assumptions based on ur very limited small minded life experience onto others which is not cool. You can't be an "empath" over the computer that's ridiculously childish arrogance, ego, & wishful thinking talking not mystical abilities. Psychology has a name for it too.💋 You're not that special & it's okay. 👍👌✌️🤏🤙
a tweet from kazuki yamada on the topic my position on argument is often sourced from a phrase i read in a japanese book