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Temperatura e umidade: A maioria das orquídeas prefere temperaturas moderadas, entre 18°C e 28°C durante o dia, e não abaixo de 13°C à noite. Certifique-se de que o ambiente seja bem ventilado e mantenha uma umidade relativa entre 40% e 60%. Você pode aumentar a umidade colocando uma bandeja com cascalho úmido sob a orquídea ou usando um umidificador.
Orchids Propagating
three glass vases with flowers in them on a table
Orchids Under Glass
Planting Tips for Chinese Roses | Flower Planting Guide for Beginners | Regrowing Flowers
Plant Fixture Clip Fixted Buckle Hook
Eco-friendly Durable ABS Resin Material: The cute green leaf shape plant clips are made ofenvironmental, safe, and degradable material, give plant support and fix while not harming plants.
a close up of a wooden pole with a plant on it's end and a green ring around the end
Orchid Offspring: All About Keikis -
a hand is holding a small potted plant with green leaves
Come pulire le foglie delle piante di casa - ABOUTGARDEN
Le foglie sono infatti gli organi che forniscono ossigeno e permettono di compiere la fotosintesi, gli accumuli di polvere possono ostacolare le fondamentali
a black vase with leopards and other animals on it's sides, sitting in front of a white background
Ardmore Ceramics' 30th Anniversary Exhibition | Visi
several different types of cactus hanging on a blue wall with other plants in the background
Andorra Home
there are many different kinds of cactus in the pots
Grow Cacti -Tips on Growing Cacti On-line Guide to the positive identification of Members of the Cactus Family
a green frog sitting on top of a planter filled with rocks and plants in it's mouth
Succulent Plant-Pot Pairings
three vases with flowers and candles are on a table next to a gray wall
blog de decoração - Arquitrecos
Tus orquídeas sí tienen remedio! Rescátalas con estos efectivos hacks