Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa is in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Why is Mona Lisa in Paris? History of Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci. More information on Mona Lisa.

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Clematis, 1899 Sir Hubert von Herkomer, R. in collaboration with Norman Hirst Mixed method engraving by Herkomer and Hirst

oldsamovar:    Bough of pussy-willow by Olga Denisenko

Bough of pussy-willow by Olga Denisenko. (On Palm Sunday in Russia it's too cold for palms. Pussy-willows are early bloomers.

"William Adolphe Bouguereau

Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman of All Time?

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The Madonna of the Lilies, 1899 William-Adolphe BouguereauWilliam Bouguereau : La Vierge au Lys (The Virgin of the Lilies)

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The blessed virgin Mary and Child Jesus in her hands, angels praying around them. Angles praying child Jesus and Mother Mary wallpaper ph.

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Madonna della Seggiola, work of art of found in Madonna della Seggiola. Info about the work, time tables for visits, the address and all the other information on Madonna della Seggiola.