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That Which Sleeps - Sauron Rapes TBS | Page 17 | rpg codex > the hipsters of masochism

Vapourware - That Which Vapours - Sauron Rapes TBS that will never be (scam, maybe)

A fantasy world from Israel  These cartoon-like characters are a display of Ido Yehimovitz’s extraordinary talent as an illustrator. The originality of the drawings and the rich color of the designs make this fantasy card game extremely appealing. This Tel Aviv designer’s marked personal style is a testimony to his love of comics and animated characters.  via

a card game development art i worked on some time ago that was never fully developed into a real project.

Futuristic Tiles by PinkFireFly on DeviantArt

A sample screenshot using my new tiles from the Ancient Dungeon tileset. This was made as part of a tutorial for parallax mapping.