Art Nouveau - Maison St Cyr, Brussels built between 1901 and 1903. Architect Gustave Strauven

Art Nouveau -- Maison St Cyr, Brussels, built between 1901 and 1903 by architect Gustave Strauven

Casa Calvet. Architect: Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet. Barcelona - Casp (por Arnim Schulz em Flickr)

Architect:( Antoni Plàcid Guillem} Gaudí (i Cornet) Barcelona -


Side View of Window in building of Barcelona - Pg. Bonanova - Casa Muley Afid, Architect: Josep Puig i Cadafalch (by Arnim Schulz)

Art Nouveau apartment; Immeuble De Beck, Avenue Paul Dejaer 9, Brussels

I love how each storey is different, but unified by the style/design.


Amazing Art Nouveau Architecture You Have To Know

Art Nouveau Homes | art nouveau house in Antwerp | Architecture & Design

Art Nouveau Homes art nouveau house in Antwerp Architecture & Design

Parte de la fachada de Casa Vicens construido para Manuel Vicens entre 1883 - 1889 en Barcelona.  Sigue siendo una residencia privada hasta hoy entonces no se puede visitar el interior.

Antoni Gaudi - Casa Vicens - Barcelona I can't wait to see every piece of Gaudi's incredible architecture when I travel to Spain- on my bucket list

Antibes, French Riviera, France.  Haven#39;t been here, but I think I#39;d like to go.

Côte d' Azur - Monaco - Antibes, French Riviera, France.

Art Nouveau architecture!!!! Remember when we drove by this shush???? :) so beautiful! I miss it :(

The Gaudi Apartments in Barcelona ~ Art Nouveau architecture!

Casa Amatller, Barcelona

Casa Amatller, Architect: Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Barcelona - Pg. de Gràcia 041 e 1

Rue Luther 28  Architecte : Gustave Strauven  Bruxelles

25 Most Beautiful Art Nouveau Architecture Design

Liberty house * Italian art nouveau in Tuscany *

Liberty house * Italian art nouveau in Tuscany *

Casa Batllo, Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain. Something about Guadi's work makes me believe in magic...

Casa Batllo or (house of Batllo) is designed by architect Antoni Gaudi and is in Barcelona, Spain.

Let me give you a little peek into the wonderful colors and architecture of my homeland.

Colors And Architecture Of My Homeland

Before the term "Art Nouveau" became common . [many names referred] specifically to the organic forms that were popular with the Art Nouveau artists: Stile Floreal ("floral style"), Lilienstil ("lily style"), Style Nouille ("noodle style"), Paling Stij

Barcelona Gracia, Eixample Casa Comalat Salvador Valeri i Pupurull (1873–1954)

Amazing Gaudi Architecture ~ (This is the window and balcony of a townhouse that is still lived in in downtown Barcelona)