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Steve Rogers has gotten used to being chased by testy brunettes. Bucky Barnes: "STEVE NO". Peggy Carter: "The plane is the other way Steve". Sam Wilson: "I will kill your star spangled ass Rogers". The Winter Soldier: *angry soviet noises*<<<Our fandom.


omg SO MANY FEELS bucky barnes Sebastian Stan Captain America: The First Avenger winter soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier marveledit sebstanedit mcuedit buckcap ¹ buckybarnesedit romanovnat wintersoldiers under marvel multi i'm begging he


Sam Wilson comes to regret helping Captain America find the Winter Soldier.-- lol I always loved the on "your left" reference through out the Captain America The Winter Soldier movie

(gif set) Expectation vs Reality ||| Suzuya Juuzou ||| Tokyo Ghoul

Expectation vs Reality Suzuya Juuzou Tokyo Ghoul- i shall now watch this cos from what I've heard she looks like an ace character