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I love phils mom

I love phils mom <--- I can't tell if that was intended as a "phil's mum" joke or not, but if it wasn't, then I agree :)<<< I love Phils mum too much she's my adopted mum even if she doesn't know

dead at the comment lmfao >>> are we not going to acknowledge that huge freaking dimple! So cuteeeee


This would sound so weird and inappropriate to someone who doesn't watch Dan and Phil.

Dan & Phil

Dan loves Phil as his friend so very much. This friendship is just beautiful and I am so glad that hey have eachother!<--> heart eyes howell and love eyes lester


I can just imagine Phil going "Wut is this how you do the exercise" and Dan going "What is this looll"

How is he like, a literal ball of sunshine one second and a sex god the next I don't get it.

Oh Dan

Oh Dan

It's how I know exactly what this sounds like

It's how I now exactly what this sounds like<<< I dunno why, but when ever I read Dan saying Phil, I imagine it like how Paul says 'caaarl' In llamas in hats