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someone is holding up a piece of fabric to show it's color and texture
Monoprinting with Scrim
Монопринтинг-это прекрасная техника, которая позволяет печатникам быть спонтанными, живописными и экспериментальными. Этот простой проект monoprint производит красивые чувствительные печати используя часть scrim и давления вытравливания. Начните с кусочка перпекса, пластиковой красочной пластины или листа сухой точечной пластмассы. используйте клейкую ленту, чтобы заклеить прямоугольник на вашем плексигласе. ... Продолжить чтение
a hand holding a paintbrush with black bristles
How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions
How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions
an airplane is flying through the air with trees in the background
How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions
How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions
a brush is being used to remove snow from the ground
How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions
How To Paint (Happy Little) Trees – Detailed Instructions...a la Bob Ross!
someone is using scissors to cut out the decoration
How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions
Maybe I'll never do this, or maybe I'll add a sprig to cards and presents and decorations and who knows what. She also shows how to do a whole tree easily.
the facebook page has an image of someone painting
How to Paint a Fun and Easy Acrylic Agate Art Painting - Jennifer Rizzo
Drag your card board across your paint to make your pattern
the steps to make this diy wood sign with chalk and paint are shown in three different ways
Round Basswood Plaque by Make Market® | Michaels
DIYFriday Wooden Plaque Door Sign - customizable for holidays
the process to make a heart - shaped paper bag
23 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts That Require No Special Skills Whatsoever
Decorare una comune borsa di tela
a person holding a roll of toilet paper covered in colorful crayon paint on top of a white wall
Wrapping string, twine, yarn or just about any fiber is another great way to roll texture onto your surface
a person is wrapping something in red and white
Elsewhere: A New Art Technique to Try
Mark making More
a person is stamping something with blue ink
Crafty DIY skills bloom at Creativebug
DIY // Textured Stamp