More ideas from Sergey

DIY Solar panels made of pop cans for home solar heating. A great room by room supplement for central heating. But it's a good idea to keep a heat pump or furnace for the days you have no sun.

Self made prototype of an "Nixie style" edgelit display

Made with ten layers of edge-lit acrylic, Jürgen Grau's numeric display is a low-voltage facsimile of the old school Nixie Tube displays that so many of us are enamored with.

Masons Mate - Anchors your building line with speed, ease and absolute accuracy.

Tool that will simplify the work on the construction field now you can use it. This is easy project that can be made as DIY project and will help a lot in the house building process. This way the bricks will be on its place easier, faster and more importa