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an indoor staircase with plants and potted plants
a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling with flowers in it
Disco flowers
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
a plant in a pot sitting on the floor next to a wall with wavy lines
ЦЕНТРСВЕТ сделал проект освещения в барбершопе и тату-салоне 13 BY TIMATI в историческом особняке в центре Москвы на Тверском бульваре, 24. Своды и арки в особняке подсвечены светодиодной лентой нового поколения LENTA FLEX MINI.
there are two framed pictures on the wall above a table with flowers and candles in vases
there is a candle, perfume and other items on top of a book that says prata
Interior design pastel aesthetic
a living room filled with furniture and a stair case in the back drop down to the second floor
home tour pt.1
a living room filled with furniture and a giraffe statue in front of a mirror
home decoration idea home decorations ideas home decoration ideas apartments
there are many items on the table with pink and blue accents, such as flowers
a bedroom with a bed, books and other items on the floor in front of a window