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(Rp, anyone? I need someone to be my cellmate. I'll post a character after someone joins) I paced and paced. I was in jail. The walls were dirty and there were two beds, one of which my cellmate was lying on. There was a toilet and sink. I knew what was going on, but I didn't think my new cellmate was ready to hear it.

I've stood inside of a cell In Alcatraz Prison. By RicardMN Photography

Shawn- (closed with dove) I was going to see dove in prison, I needed to know why she had done what she did

{DB} Until West was released from jail Natalie and West would talk on the phone everyday. She would visit him during visiting hours whenever she could.

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"When he takes the gloves off during a job like this it means things are about to get really really bloody. When he takes the gloves off on a job like it it means he's gonna pull his claws out".