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probablyfakeblonde: “ “I came to win, win, win better show me what you got I came to bring the fire cause you know I like it hot (x) ” I’m in love with her, okay… okay ”

Wander over Yonder designs are fun drawing practice let me tell ya

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Teenage Lilo with an early-twenties humanoid Stitch. My headcanon is that Lilo never gets much taller than and is a chubby, f.Lilo and Stitch.

"This time I might just dispensary." The ghost of Lewis from the animated Mystery Skull fandom. (As drawn by Zetallis on DeviantArt.

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Skulls, Mystery, Skull Art

Aurora, Ghosts, Sunrises, Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis

Aurora, Skulls, Mystery, Ghosts, Sunrises, Northern Lights, Skull Art, Aurora Borealis

Skulls, Mystery, Skull Art