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two people are talking to each other with speech bubbles above their heads in front of them
anyone grow hoyas in coir?
anyone grow hoyas in coir?
an easy diy project how to make this plant shelf
🌟Details in Caption 🌟 Easy DIY Plant Shelves using 1x2’s! You’ll need 1x2’s cut down to the lengths you want. I laid mine all out ahead of time so I knew my design After sanding them all down, I added in a gel stain. These were all different colors of wood, so a gel stain gave me a more consistent color across them all You’ll attach them to the wall using a nail gun. At first I nailed them into place, and then went back to make sure they were all secured into at least one stud! If you are adding shelves, you want to be sure they are nice and secure. I spaced all my boards ¾” apart to not only give me even spacing, but just enough room for my shelves to securely slide into the slats I filled in the nail holes with stainable filler ( this stuff is amazing, Ill have to share a video on it!) Finally I added in my newest plant cuttings! This has become a perfect spot in our bathroom to see my new plants grow. Anything I missed? . . . #accentwallideas #accentwall #easydiy #homeproject #diyhome #homeimprovement #ladieswhodiy | Cedar_Hill_Builder | Cedar_Hill_Builder · Original audio
the 7 houseplants to reduce dust and puriulate matter
7 Houseplants that Reduce Dust and Particulate Matter
some pink flowers are sitting on top of a table and in front of a green chair
10 Indoor Plants That Love Coffee
Caffeine is not only enjoyed by humans, but there are some Houseplants That Love Coffee too! Surprised? Check the list below.
a potted snake plant sitting next to some dirt and plants with text overlay reading how to repot snake plant step - by - by - step guide
Repotting Snake Plants: When & How To Do It Step By Step
four simple tips to keep houseplants healthy and thriving in the winter or fall
Popular video shows 4 simple tips people can use to keep houseplants healthy
there is a plant in the window sill with words above it that read, these tips will help you take care of your fishbone cactus
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