Kyphosis Excersises

Last Minute Therapy Resources - perfect for Occupational, Physical, or Speech school based therapists! Things don't always go as planned and it's so nice to have easy activities to fall back on that are still successful at accomplishing the goal!

Diet To Prevent Arthritis Will Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Your brain needs healthy food just as much as your muscles or lungs do. Do you know the foods that boost brain power?

Fitness for Back Pain Stimulates the Healing Process and Posture

10 Tips to Stay Safe and Comfortable in a Hot Yoga Class. Hot yoga can get, well,'s how to not melt down in your next sweaty class.

Fitness for Joints

Water aerobics enables you to perform movements and routines similar to those in a traditional aerobics class while keeping your body supported and cushioned from the jarring impact of standard on-ground aerobics moves. You can perform water aerobics in t