Жюльен в картофеле-кокотнице | Домохозяйки

Жюльен в картофеле-кокотнице | Домохозяйки

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Crochet Bead Flower Lace Cord Free Pattern [Video] - I think this would make a fantastic garland strand to put on a Christmas tree

Häromdagen la jag upp en bild på instagram på en body med stjärnapplikation på. Den har inte kommit upp på bloggen än men eftersom jag tyckte att det var så roligt att göra själva applikationen så …

Use red fabric for the second layer for holidays sofa pillows. Making small lumbar pillows for the dinning room white leather chairs. Nice pop of color.

I made a doll quilt before Christmas and realized I’d never posted a tutorial on this quick and easy binding method. Since I know a lot of you are beginners…this is a really great way to dip your …

Quilt like normal…except make sure none of your stitches go into the batting. Start and stop all of your quilting stitches on the quilt top and backstitch.