Russian traditional costume. Old Easter postcard, before 1917

Two Russian Children in traditional costume,carrying EASTER eggs. Old Russian Easter postcard, before

Russian May Day                                            Через обломки кпитализма к всемирному братству трудящихся

This Russian poster illustrates the activities of the labor holiday known as May Day. The translated title reads: "May 1920 through the wreckage of capitalism to the world brotherhood of workers!

Russian costumes. Illustration by Sergey Solomko, old Russian postcard, before 1917.

[Vintage russian postcard - artist Sergey Solomko] He reminds me of someone.

Time Travel Tuesday - Soviet Postcards

Time Travel Tuesday - Soviet Postcards

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Linden by N. D. Fomin(Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)

The series of paintings "Trees in female images", "Linden" Nikolay Fomin, the artist