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Даниил Жуков
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Artsy Couple Turned a School Bus into a Loft on Wheels - Tiny House Blog - created via pinthemall.net

Converted bus into a home. Lovely soft colors and details in your interiors. Latest Home Interior Trends.

В этой кухне в офисе, ярко-желтые стены, пол и потолок четко определяет область, в то время как дизайнеры интерьеров использовали чирок цвет пола наметить случайный гостиной, которая окружает кухню.

Interior Design Idea - Use Color To Define An Area // In this kitchen within an office, bright yellow walls, floor and ceiling clearly defines the area, while the interior designers have used a teal floor color to outline a casual seating area that surrou


Think gray felt clouds above your desk, planks on the table and gingko leaves on the wall: At the Orgatec in Cologne, there’s a colorful and fun office world full of acoustic panels on show that constrains the communicative cacophony of open-plan offices.

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Neon Black Light Art - A Girl and her cat laying on the bed in dark bedroom at night watching stars moon galaxy by Robin Eisenberg