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Character Design - LeoA print of this picture is available on my online shop. ______________________________________________ Art by Jessica Madorran TUMBLR BLOG &...
Kirin - I love this Natures Unicorn...
Dragonic Unicorn by Maarta Laiho
mistwalker II by drachenmagier on DeviantArt
Winter is Coming! This is the first part of the planned Winter's Advent sale, I'll be posting a flatsale later this week after the auction ends. In case you wanted something to look forward to~ RUL...
Semi-Custom for Oscorix ~ Meant to be a pair with the other one they bought I liked it enough to post individually, since the other squiggle is just a silhouette image.
Umbreon & Espeon ....Still a better love story than twilight.....I ship..Epreon!
Borichas - tumblr
Omg I love this and the funny thing is this pinned has the same name as me except for the last name I'm Hailey and she's hailey