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It's no secret that learning a new language is a good thing. It's also pretty well-known that learning a language as an adult is quite challenging. While difficult, learning a new language is incredibly rewarding, and it affects your brain in some pretty

kwangsoo sudden fanboy(ing)

kwangsoo sudden fanboy(ing)

7 Times Table Fortune Teller - 7 times table, times table, fortune teller, activity, craft, fold, times tables

This brilliant activity provides instructions on how to make your own 8 times table themed fortune teller! Fantastic for your maths lessons!

Chinese Numbers with Hand Gestures

Chinese numbers in Mandarin pinyin and hand gestures. This is how one could show different numbers with one's hands in Chinese culture - I used to know all of these when I was little, but have a hard time remembering past 6 now. So useful when you to